How to Set up a ❤️Sending Love❤️ Dropbox:

  1. Check current dropbox locations:
  2. Decorate a box or bag and attach a sign 
  3. Get permission at a suitable location: a school, library, community centre, early childhood centre, office, gym, café, craft store, workplace, or someplace with a waiting room (no private addresses for your safety)
  4. Take a photo of your box and post the photo and address to the Sending Love Facebook Group and e-mail through to
  5. Send your contact details and drop box address to, so we can keep in touch with next steps.
  6. Spread the word to friends, family, and your community!
  7. Add #sendinglovenz to social media posts.
  8. Have fun writing / making cards and sending love! ❤️
  9. As the initial 9th December deadline approaches, the person looking after your region will get in touch with you to arrange collection of your box and next steps