Card Design Competition for 2018! (Closing 29th June)

We are in search of artists (kids and adults alike) to create front card designs! These cards will be printed in black and white, ready for schools to colour in.

One card will accompany every card package delivery to rest homes, hospitals, meals of wheels and all other card drop-off locations across NZ to provide up to date information on the project in 2018. 

We have been very lucky to receive so much support from NZ organisations providing resources to bring this project to life again in 2018.

One organisation (Soar Print) has kindly offered to print information cards to accompany all card package drop-off location. Instead of getting a designer to pull an image together for the front of the card, what better than to have our communities design an image, print in black and white and ask schools to get their kids to colour in! (We will have about 3,000 printed)

The design should be authentic and full of love.

Please send your creative artwork to by 29th June 2018!

Will confirm designs to be taken through to print in the following week

The winners will get a big box of chocolates from me! :)